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Plog 4: We're Home!

April 29, 2008

Last night Fellow Traveller actually slept in his new home, though he might not realize it yet -- maybe he's wondering where we'll be tonight?

Sunday night we stayed at my sister's. Travy met her family, and the neighbors, and my sister's sister-in-law, Mary, who's visiting from Seattle. Mary is a dog person. She and her brother, Mike (aka my sister's husband), went out to get supper makings and came back not only with food but with a squeaky toy for the puppy. The puppy loves it. I'm glad he's got one toy that isn't a hand-me-down. Not that he minds the hand-me-downs. They smell good. He just figured out how to make a squeaky toy squeak without my help. Silence, who needs it?

We left Stow about half an hour later than I'd intended to, and I almost forgot to get gas on the way, but we made the noon boat with about 20 minutes to spare.

Here are two pics taken at my sister's:

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